Arccos Caddie Review (Improve Your Golf Game with Data)

Arccos Caddie Review: Arccos is the first platform to automatically track shots while providing incredibly comprehensive insights. The company’s statisticians have analyzed and broken down the large number of strokes tracked by the customers. The result is new insights into golf statistics. These enable comparisons of the different handicap classes with regard to the number of birdies, pars, bogeys and doubles. This results in interesting results that should be relevant for all amateur golfers.

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How many birdies, bogeys and pars are normal per round?

The Arccos dataset differentiates the performance data of male golfers between five handicap classes (0, 5, 10, 15, 20) and compares them with the professionals calculated for one round. For a player with a handicap of 20, for example, this results in a value of only 0.3 birdies per round, extrapolated to be a hole under par almost every third round. In addition, there are 6.6 doubles or worse per round. Furthermore, with this handicap you play an average of 3.5 pars, while on average you end every second hole with a bogey (9).

Golfers with a handicap of 15 can look forward to a birdie every other round (0.5) while still bogeying (8.6) almost every other hole. The par is 5.0 with 4.5 doubles and worse calculated for the round. A player with a 10 handicap, on average, ends up with almost four fewer double bogeys (2.9), while still averaging 7.7 bogeys, 6.9 pars and 0.7 birdies per round.

Every second track a par – Arccos Caddie Review:

After all, players with a handicap of 5 get a birdie (1.2) at least once per round. On average you still play 1.6 double bogeys or worse. Par is played for almost half of the round (8.9), while 6.4 bogeys are recorded. Another look at the statistics shows that scratch golfers average 2.2 birdies per round with 10.5 pars and 4.6 bogeys on the scorecard. The value of double bogeys and worse looks very respectable at 0.7.

In comparison to the professional, all amateur golfers must freeze with envy, because the average tour golfer plays a birdie (3.8) on about every fifth hole and on average almost no doubles or worse (0.1). In addition, there are 11.5 pars and 2.4 bogeys per round.

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Arccos: Targeted analysis for golfers

The data was kindly provided to us by Arccos made available. The values ​​are based on 700 million golf shots recorded with the Arccos Shot Tracking System. Arccos is fed with data via sensors in the racket handle and can use an app to evaluate numerous details about the rounds played or from training on the range. In this way, golfers can get to know their own game better and improve in the necessary areas in a targeted manner.


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