Should I use Callaway Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X Balls?

Callaway Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X Balls: Made famous by its S2H2 stainless steel woods introduced in 1988, then by the “Big Bertha” driver introduced in 1991, the Callaway company today sells more golf equipment than any other manufacturer in the world. In 1997 they purchased Odyssey Sports and began producing one of the most popular putters for both professionals and amateurs, the Odyssey Putter. Today, Callaway Golf continues to innovate in every area, year after year. However, few players think “big golf balls” when they hear the Callaway name, but the introduction of their Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X lines may well change that.

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🧰 Technical specifications of the Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X

▪️ Dual SoftFast Core

Callaway’s patented dual core construction features an exceptionally soft inner core surrounded by a firmer outer core. According to Callaway, the soft inner core allows golfers with slower swings to achieve faster ball speed and travel longer distances, while the firmer outer core provides better control for golfers with swing heads. club is faster.

▪️ Four-layer construction

A thin layer of mantle surrounds the two inner layers of the “Dual Soft Fast Core”. An ultra-soft urethane outer coating gives the Chrome Soft its soft feel and exceptional grip on the clubface.

▪️ Hexagon shaped cells

Callaway balls use hexagon-shaped dimples which they claim provide greater stability in the wind.

Good points:

  • Players can expect similar distance to other premium balls.
  • Launch angles off wedges and short irons similar to other balls in the same category.
  • Ultra-soft cover provides exceptional feel and control around the green.
  • The pattern helps players track and locate their ball.
  • Excellent value for money, usually a third cheaper than its competitors.

Negative point:

The box of Callaway golf balls

▪️ Remote

On average, most players found the Chrome Soft to be slightly shorter than the TaylorMade TP5 and Titleist ProV1. Many others, however, noticed little or no difference. The soft inner core, combined with the firmer outer core, gives the Chrome Soft plenty of distance without losing control. The Chrome Soft achieves its distance goals with a good combination of low trajectory, moderate spin and ample roll.

▪️ Spin

Callaway categorizes the Chrome Soft as a medium spin ball. It provides medium and high handicap players with optimal distance through a balanced blend of spin, compression and low trajectory.

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▪️ Short game performance

Softer balls such as the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X make a living around the greens. The ample backspin helps balls come to rest quickly and stay put. The softer cover of Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X also improves feel on chips and putts. Overall it grips the face of the club and is great with the putter. Much like a soft green, a soft ball offers slower, more controllable speeds.

▪️ Sustainability

Although they are softer than other high-end balls, Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X balls last as well as any other ball. They are more likely to go for a hike in the woods or a dip in the lake than to get injured.

Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls

🚀 The Callaway Chrome Soft X

Good points:

  • The Chrome Soft X offers golfers all the same features as the Chrome Soft.
  • Lots of spin.
  • Punchy trajectory and better performance on windy days.

Negative point:

  • High spin can exaggerate bad shots (slices and hooks).

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▪️ Remote

Even with a lot of spin, the Chrome Soft X is a little shorter than its competitors. Better players can see up to ten yards less than the higher yielding TP5 X or ProV1 X balls.

▪️ Spin

While the Chrome Soft is in the medium effect category, the Chrome Soft X is in the high effect category.

▪️ Short game performance

Even with a slightly firmer feel, the ‘X’ version of Callaway’s Chrome Soft ball will feel just as good as the original from the rough and around the green.

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❓ Callaway Chrome Soft Ball FAQ

▶ What’s new in this year’s Chrome Soft golf ball?

Callaway introduced the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft+, to the market in 2015 and added some spin to the 2016 versions of each. For 2022, Callaway admitted top players struggled with the low-compression, mid-spin 2016 models and added a high-spin, mid-compression, tour-worthy “X” model.

▶ How do Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X balls compare to other balls?

The X version of the Chrome Soft compares well to its counterparts, the ProV1 X and TP5 X. They all feature high spin, a soft feel and great distance. For most gamers, choosing one of these comes down to a matter of personal preference, brand loyalty, or price. However, with the Chrome Soft, Callaway has followed TaylorMade’s lead and geared the formula a bit more towards medium and high handicaps. Both the Chrome Soft and the TP5 have lower compression, and less spin, than the ProV1.

▶ Should I use the Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X golf ball?

Callaway, like its competitors, offers the more compressed “X” version for players with faster swings. The tighter core detaches less from the club. Better players get more control, with little or no compromise in distance. Overall, manufacturers produce “X” balls for golfers with swing speeds over 100 mph (about 230 yards off the tee). The average gamer and weekend warrior, however, will get the best results using the less compressed, low-spin Chrome Soft. Either way, both balls offer the smoothest feel of any ball out there, and rival their closest competitors in distance and spin.

Chrome Soft X

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📋 Conclusion on Chrome Soft

Our instinct tells us that the harder a ball is, the farther it flies. But, as with many things in the game of golf, the opposite applies. A slow, easy swing outperforms a forced swing every time. Hit the ball down and it flies away. It’s no surprise, then, that the softest ball goes the farthest, or to see the Callaway name printed on the side.

callaway | 12 Chrome Soft Golf Balls

🎥 Presentation of the Chrome Soft and X ball in video:

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