US Open 2023: Horror start for Xander Schauffele

US Open 2023: Xander Schauffele is still looking for his first major win. Especially at that US Open he has an impressive history. From his first participation in 2017, he placed outside the top 10 only once: T5, T6, T3, 5, T7, T14. One would think that with such a record, at some point the American would have to make it to the trophy. Maybe 2023? Started the tournament with a record round of 62, only two strokes behind the leader after the second round. He was standing on Moving Day, ready to attack – and then it happened.

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Bunker fiasco at US Open 2023

His tee shot landed in the fairway bunker. So far so good. Schauffele goes for the ball and wants to play it back onto the fairway, but the ball bounces off the edge of the bunker, flies up and back into the bunker behind the 29-year-old. “Prio number 1: just get the ball out of the bunker,” commented Sky presenter Florian Fritsch on the scene. Schauffele goes back to the ball, hits it – and it bounces off the edge of the bunker again. After this setback, Schauffele has to take a step back and consult his caddy for a moment. After a small reset, it’s time to concentrate again and after the fourth shot he finally manages to free himself from the bunker. However, this is definitely not how you want to start the moving day of a major tournament.

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US Open 2023: Xander Schauffele

And yet he still managed to do damage control. Shot number 5 on the green was very good. The ball stops just two meters from the hole. Putt to save the bogey. Given the bunker fiasco that was arguably the best thing that could have happened but considering hole 1 is one of the easiest holes on the course where most people get their first birdie is the loss of shot in terms of chasing the tip particularly painful.


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