What happens if I meet a fellow player?

What happens if I meet a fellow player? The following situation: Your teammate is not paying attention and does not notice that you are already putting. He or she runs into your line and decisively deflects the ball so that it falls into the hole. Any luck or do you need to be more careful before putting?

The official golf rules leave a little room for interpretation here. Like some rules, honesty counts. If the ball accidentally touches someone, the ball is considered holed. In general, this is probably a rule that doesn’t apply every day, but it’s still good to know.

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Rules of Golf: No penalty for a player

“If the ball accidentally strikes any person or outside influence while a player is in motion, there is no penalty for any player. This applies even if the ball strikes the player, opponent or another player, or any of their caddies or equipment.”


“Ball played on the green in stroke play: If the ball hits another ball on the green while the player is moving and both balls were on the green before the stroke was made, the player gets the general penalty (two penalty strokes).”

“Ball Played From Outside the Putting Green: If a ball has been played from anywhere outside the putting green while a player is in motion and accidentally strikes a person (including the player) or outside influence (including equipment), the ball must normally be played as he did lies. But if the ball comes to rest on a person, animal, or moving outside influence, the player must not play the ball as it lies.”

Basically, if you accidentally hit a player or object from outside the green, you play the ball further from where it landed. Unless the ball is on a person or animal. Then the ball is dropped where it first landed on the person or animal.

You only get penalty strokes if you hit a teammate’s ball on the green.

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