What happens if you break your golf ball while hitting it?

How to behave when a ball break while hitting it: On a casual round of golf with friends, some rules of golf are not mandatory. If you miss a tee shot, a mulligan is always welcome. Important golf rules are sometimes forgotten. In handicap relevant tournaments, however, you should be familiar with the rules.

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“That’s a penalty stroke!”

Avoid penalty strokes after official rules none are. For example, what if a tee shot misses and bounces off a tree? The golf ball breaks but is then in a playable position? Do you get a penalty shot and have to tee off again? Do you have to keep playing the broken ball until the hole is over?

“If a player’s ball breaks into pieces after a stroke, there is no penalty and the stroke does not count. The player must play another ball from where the stroke was made,” according to the official rules.

For once, the rules leave no room for interpretation. A broken ball is a second chance. It doesn’t matter whether the ball is smashed on a tree or obstacle or whether it breaks on the tee. It always applies that the ball must be played again from the starting position. If such a situation arises, the next shot is not punishable.

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Hope dies last – ball break while hitting it

So if the ball hits a tree or other obstacle at full speed, one can only hope that the ball broke. That would give you a chance to try again. If this does not happen, however, the ball must of course be played from the position in which it comes to rest.


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